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EIA Process

The management of EIA process can be divided into seven (7) main activities as follows:

1. Screening
This is the starting process of the EIA whereby it determines whether a proposed development project is a prescribed activity which require EIA.

2. Scoping

Scoping activity is to determine the depth and coverage of an EIA Study. This activity is to be carried out between the Project Proponent, NREB panel members and the EIA Consultants.


3. Receipt and Registration

This activity is to process and register the EIA reports received from the project proponents or their EIA Consultant.


4. Evaluation and Review

The process involves evaluation and review of the EIA reports submitted to the NREB by the Review Panel Meeting.

5. Approval

This activity is for the preparation and issuance of the EIA approval.

6. Compliance Monitoring

This activity is to ensure that the project proponents comply with the Terms and Conditions of the EIA Report approval and any directives issued by the NREB concerning environmental protection and enhancement.


7. Enforcement of the Non-Compliance of the Terms and Conditions of the EIA Approval

This activity is to follow up on the report of non-compliance of the terms and conditions of the EIA approval by conducting investigation which will result either to issue compound or prosecution.


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