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Last Update: 20 Apr 2018
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Controlled Open Burning PermitControlled Open Burning Permit

"Open burning without permit from NREB in the State is an offence"

Pursuant to The Natural Resources and Environment Ordinance (NREO), 1993:

Section 30(1)(a) - Any person who carries out or causes or permits to be carried out open burning of refuse or other combustible materials on any land without written permission of the Controller shall be guilty of an offence:

Penalty - A fine of twenty thousand ringgit (RM20,000) and imprisonment for three (3) years.

Section 30(2) - Any person who, without the written permission of the Controller, cuts, destroys and burns vegetation in any area which is not Native Customary Land, shall be guilty of an offence:

Penalty - A fine of thirty thousand ringgit (RM30,000) and imprisonment for three (3) years.

Written applications have to be made to the NREB using Open Burning Permit Application Form obtainable from all NREB offices and this website. Issuance of permit will be suspended during the dry season to avoid occurrence of haze.


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