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TITLE : What is your preferred channel to reach our services or info?


OBJECTIVE :  This study was made to determine the best basis for the Department to deliver related services or information




i. Mobile apps - 32

ii. Official website - 10

iii. Social media (Facebook / Twitter) - 12


ACTION : Based on the results of the findings, several recommendations were made to improve the service delivery of the Department.

Start : 01/04/2017


Ends : 01/09/2017



TITLE : On this day, which one is more efficient in the management of the environment ?


OBJECTIVE :  This study was made to obtain the views of the public or customers NREB Sarawak especially about actions that are more efficient in terms of environmental management, especially in Sarawak.




i. Enforcement of environmental law - 41

ii. Publicity environmental awareness - 8

iii. Both are equally important - 58


ACTION : The implementation of the existing functions of the Department prioritise both aspects i. enforcement of laws and  ii. environmental awareness.

Start : 01/06/2016


Ends : 01/12/2016



TITLE :  What is your level of satisfaction on our services ?


OBJECTIVE :  The study was carried out to obtain customer feedback on quality of our service.




i. Satisfied - 12

ii. Needs Improvement - 60


ACTION : The department has reviewed and examined the shortcomings in the quality of service and improvement suggestions are being taken.

Start : 01/06/2015


Ends : 01/12/2015