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Last Update: 21 Feb 2018
Version 8.0.3
Client's CharterClient's Charter

1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process


To improve the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process by evaluating all environmental reports, except for reports on mega or sensitive projects, within ninety (90) working days;

2. Post-EIA Monitoring


To carry out Post-EIA Monitoring at least once a year on on-going projects;

3. Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR)


To evaluate the Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR) within fifteen (15) working days;

4. Public Complaint Relating to Environmental Issue


To investigate public complaint relating to environmental issue and to produce investigation report within fourteen (14) working days for appropriate follow-up action;

5. Payment Process


To process and make payment within thirty (30) days upon receipt of duly completed and certified bills and claims from the NREB's clients and staff;

6. Controlled Open Burning Permit Application Process


To process applications for controlled open burning permit within fourteen (14) working days;

7. Registration of New EIA Consultant


To process application for registration of new EIA Consultant within fourteen (14) working days;

8. Renewal of Registration of EIA Consultant


To process application for renewal of registration of EIA Consultant within seven (7) working days.