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Last Update: 25 Feb 2018
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There are 46 landfills with a total land area of 396.2 hectares actively operating in the State, of which only five are sanitary landfills and 41 open landfills. The five sanitary landfills are Kemuyang Sanitary Landfill in Sibu, Sibuti Sanitary Landfill in Miri, Kuching Integrated Wastes Management Park (KIWMP) in Kuching, Maradong Sanitary Landfill in Sarikei and Rural Rubbish Disposal Facility (RRDF) Kampung Sadir in Kuching.  Out of these five, only three (Kemunyang, Sibuti and KIWMP) were equipped with wastewater treatment facilities to treat leachate.

Out of 41 open landfills, three landfills, namely, Kuala Baram landfill in Miri, Seng Ling landfill in Sibu and Ulu Segan landfill in Bintulu were dedicated to receive specific wastes. Kuala Baram and Seng Ling landfill were used to dump bulky wastes including construction waste, while Ulu Segan landfill was mainly used to dump untreated wood waste.

In the recent year, it was estimated that a total of 2107.2 metric ton of municipal solid waste were disposed to these landfills daily; Sanitary Landfill - 907 metric ton, Open Landfill - 725.2 metric ton and Open Lanfill (Wood & Bulky waste) - 475 metric ton.